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Implants Thailand!

We are a group of professional and highly-trained cosmetic surgeons in Thailand. While we may advise and educate candidates for implant surgery as a team each physician makes independent decisions with the patient. We strive to provide our patients with the highest level of confidential care and attention. Augmentation to various areas of the body gives the individual an often needed boost to his or her self esteem and can make the individual more confident. The services we offer include the following:

 Breast Implants (Saline and Silicone): Breast augmentation is more commonly known as breast implants. This procedure surgically corrects issues such as underdeveloped breast or breasts that are not the same size. Breast augmentation can change the size and shape of the breast giving the individual a fuller and more breasts. Breast Implants in Thailand could be either silicone implants or saline implants.

Buttocks/Gluteal Implants: Buttocks augmentation or Gluteal augmentation increases the size and changes the shape of the buttocks.

Cheek implants: Cheek implant is also referred to as Cheek Augmentation or Malar Augmentation. Malar Augmentation lifts the cheek, making the cheek bones appear well formed and giving the individual the look of excellent cheek structure. Through cheek augmentation, the cheek is restructured and flaws due to birth or accidents are corrected.

Chin Implants: Chin Implants in Thailand physicians can correct the chin issues by inserting a chin implant and thereby bring balance to the individuals face. Issues corrected with chin implants include receding chin or a chin that is too narrow. These issues may cause the face to look imbalance, a nose to appear too big or a neck to look larger than it actually is.

Nose Implants: Our physicians use nose implants to enhance the nasal bridge or enlarge the projection tip of the nose to make the face look more balanced and elegant.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are permanent implants that are void of the clicking noises, recurring decay or slippage issues that are associated with dentures. Dental implants do not sit on the gum line; and unlike bridges, dental implants are not secured to adjacent teeth. Dental implants incorporate a process called Osseointegration to fuse titanium metal to the jaw bone.

Facial implants: Facial implants can correct a weak chin, lift a less than prominent cheek, or elongated a nose. Facial augmentation adds balance and beauty to the patient's face through augmentation, rejuvenation and reconstruction. Areas typically augmented include the chin, the cheeks and the nose.

Hair implants: Men and women experiencing baldness can have a natural looking head of hair through hair implant surgery or hair transplantation. This solution is optimal because it uses techniques that use the individual's own hair and thus a natural and perfect blend is achieved.

Calf Implants: Calf implants change the size and shape of the calf muscles by adding implants to the existing gastrocnemius muscles. The individual may feel his or her legs are too small or that the legs are disproportionate to the thigh muscles. Some individuals may have suffered an accident or they may have a birth defect such as club foot or spin bifida. Whatever the reason, calf implants can enhance the appearance of the leg making the leg look more attractive.

Penile Implants:  Penile implant surgery alleviates the issues men may have such as penile scaring or erectile dysfunction.

Injectable implants: Injectable implant surgery corrects wrinkles! Injectable implants or soft tissue implants, smoothes a depressed area with a filler substance. Because the physician uses a very thing needle, the actual procedures presents very minor discomfort and only when the implant is injected.

 Pectoral Implants: What man does not desire a strong healthy looking chest? Pectoral implants can help a man have the size and shape chest that he desires and hence increase the man's confidence and self esteem.

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